Similar Kind ‘Maria’ : Effervescent air and an unmistakable scent of open ocean expanse.

Similar Kind

Similar Kind is a band all on its own island. An island full of vibes and talent, that is. The unique prospect, which is this band, delights with an effervescent air and an unmistakable scent of open ocean expanse. ‘Maria’ is danceable, affable, riotous, but demure. A call for a love begotten, retro in all the right ways.

Said the band: “The music has that blend of fierce modern rhythm and ‘80s dream pop that is catapulting acts like Tennis to the top of the charts, it is tasteful, and so cool-retro you cannot help get lost in it.”

The Norwalk, Connecticut based band bloomed through jamming with friends, in a garage, playing in front of live audiences anywhere they can muster.

Similar Kind has played with acts such as Sunflower Bean, Bad Bad Hats, Charly Bliss, and more. The band is currently working on a follow up EP to their debut ‘Faces & Places’.

R&B, pop, and indie rock, the EP – and the band – will entertain with that distinct aura. It’s the vibe you know exists, but certainly not pigeon holed into a definition.

This fab band is made up of talents: Julia Breen (vox), Evan Murphy (keys/synth), Ben McNamara (guitar), Miles Dominici (drums) and Nate Porter (bass).


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