Simon Andersson x Sir Duke ‘Together’ : Duo joined forces and wrote a song about hope, love and freedom.


Simon Andersson collaborates with Swedish DJ – Sir Duke – on this uplifting single in the Pop / Dance genre. Devastated in the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic the duo joined forces and wrote a song about hope, love and freedom.

“The song is about loosing yourself but not loosing hope. Being inspired by someone you love and freeing yourself from the chains of your past. In a vast and competitive world the way forward is not always clear, but we find strength in other people, loved ones and friends.”

Simon Andersson is making a name for himself as a cross-over artist, handling multiple genres both as a writer, singer and a music producer. He walked off the Fonda theater stage in Hollywood in 2013, winning ”Best Song of The Year”. Went on a recording trip to Nashville and climbed the Music Row Charts with two singles. CMA Music Festival invited him two years in a row and his international fanbase started to grow. Back in Sweden, Simon built his own recording studio and is currently on a blazing trail, merging musical genres and styles.

Sir Duke has been performing in front of 500.000 people worldwide and his Coco Jamboo version released by Universal Music has passed the 1.5 million streaming mark alone. Live performances include the Swedish Miss Universe Finals and being opening act for many big stars such as Haddaway, Sheila Bonnicks (Boney M) and more.


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