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Simon Baum Shares ‘Damage’. “Skillfully Diced By The Human Emotions” We Sometimes Loathe.

Once disappointed, it’s never easy to go back on the trust you once had. For that partner. For your significant other. The landscape of what you see in that person changes in a moment. They become another person, a stranger, a face that becomes ‘uglier’ as the days go on.


That’s a devastating statement to be put upon a person. And ultimately, it is the beginning of the end of that relationship. And even if it stays together, it won’t be a happy one.

The deed, whatever that was, cannot be forgotten.

Consequences are from actions that resulted from forgetfulness, neglect, un-interest, apathy. All are from the essence of ‘not knowing and appreciating what you already have’.

Yes. We make mistakes.

Hope we don’t make people disappointed.

SIMON BAUM’s single ‘Damage’ is a solum call to arms, for that mystical sliver of time of that utterly bemoans the constitution of your deepest urges. That one rustling of mindful respects, in detriment and negativities – bound by the forces of nature, skillfully diced by the human emotions we sometimes loathe.

But let’s try.

Let’s work hard.



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