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Simon D James Shares New Single ‘Burn The Man’. “Not This Day. Not Any More.”

Coming to terms. That’s a loaded statement. We deal with this all the days we live on this Earth. The layers of emotions are jammed into, and crammed into the heads and hearts of our sensibilities. It’s heavy, it’s tiresome, it’s bludgeoning, it’s chaos.

But we deal with it.

We look and put that memory in our pockets.

Then at a time of desperation or evisceration – we open our hearts. Our vulnerabilities beckoning, red, bloody.

“You’ve opened up my heart, with your knife of jabs and misconceptions about me. You’ve killed me with the utter fragrance of emotional death and offer me with the award of torment.”

“But not this day. Not any more.”

“You and I, we’re the same. Red with the liquid of life, pumping in our veins. The only difference is only skin deep, and we must remedy that. Will it be too late for you?”

‘Burn The Man’ is a beautiful song from SIMON D. JAMES. The Brighton based singer/songwriter’s constant calm and lyrical premonitions, is brought to bear in this single from his upcoming new EP ‘Songs From A Dream Long Forgotten’ (available now).



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