Simon XO ‘California Free’ : Struggle is real. But staying ‘true’ is the only way.

Simon XO

But we stay true. Trying your damnedest to keep the truth. Even not for others, at least for the self dignity that always exists in your life.

Work and passions; art and expression, collab in the world and sometimes, and it’s a hard prospect in making a living. Even when commercially your work is accepted, the forces that be pull you into different direction, again, attempting to dilute your original goals for the project.

“It’s about trying to stay true to who you are in an industry that has sucked all the meaning out of that phrase.”

At the end of the day, logically, your project doesn’t exist without that founding reason. If that is gone, then there is nothing, in essence.

Struggle is real.

But staying ‘true’ is the only way.


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