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Simulated Sun // Young & Sick // James Clayton // Babe Rainbow // Lonnie Storey


SIMULATED SUN is a synth-psych-rock project. “Formed in 2041, somewhere in the Western colonies, though its precise location of origin is not documented. Little is known about its members or intentions, although it is thought to have formed in response to increasing authoritarianism in the region. As human civilization began to move largely off-world in the latter half of the 21st century, Simulated Sun remained behind, something of a last bastion for an optimistic and forgotten era. Lamenting what could have been, they were last rumored to have been experimenting with technology that would allow for the transmission of information through submicroscopic black holes, thus hypothetically allowing for its reception in an earlier time. It is not known whether this research bore fruit, but they will be remembered as stalwarts of humanism at the dawn of the post-human epoch.” Heck of a lot of fun, eh??

Young & Sick – Size of Relief

Nick van Hofwegen is the man behind this project. And from his latest EP, the title track ‘Size of Relief’ is a beautifully laid out summation in song and emotions. From the future of the past, and of the love that still hasn’t bloomed, the inherently dismissed, comes calling again to fruition through his music. ‘Size Of Relief’ a slow burner, with chapters of talent and enviable decadence for life and its unavoidable pitfalls.

James Clayton – Avalene

Montreal based JAMES CLAYTON’s Vile, Lenker, and Seeger like vibes gets you on that hazy, gazey cloud of good feelz. With lyrics that are truly of story telling emphasis, his commanding expressions kick off any melody right. After dropping out of college and moving to Berlin, he’d focused on sharpening his musical world, musical style, and branded identity. At the end of it all, he’d come off as the genuine interpretation of what folk-rock could be. ‘Avalene’ is one. Of many. To entertain you like you’d ever thought.

Babe Rainbow – Something New

Yep. BABE RAINBOW is Australian. Psyche-pop, and you know what?? The project is glorious. Why? How? It’s like that virtual rose tinted sunglasses we’d all heard about in our list of idioms we’d been familiar. Had we seen such sunglasses before? Ever? But to our luck, with baroque sumptuousness and indie-rock bass rockin’ the sultry songs of love and loss – BABE RAINBOW comes easy to be deemed that lost ‘rose colored sunglasses’. The future looks better with BABE RAINBOW. Look for the goodness and their latest LP on August 16th.

Lonnie Storey – Silver and Glass

London based indie/bedroom pop artist LONNIE STOREY is a story teller and poet. Following ‘Make It Slow’, his single ‘Silver And Glass’ is a continued gloss that he does so well in his music. The brooding and understated vocals of Lonnie is what rock and all the vice that comes with the notion of that concept, comes attached. It’s sexy. It’s lonely. It’s vagrant. It’s highly energetic with a punch to the gut that you’d never deserved, but secretly desired. Lonnie stated: “‘Silver and Glass’ is all about becoming a hot vapid mess, being so obsessed with image and presentation, hoping it will cover the cracks in a fragile, unhinged personality, whose self esteem leaked out of them overnight.” Indeed.


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