Sina Lark ‘Everything I Want To Be’ : Pop ballad with distinct depth and mahogany richness.

Sina Lark

Sina Lark’s beautifully crafted vocals is exquisite to listen to in ‘Everything I Want To Be’. The pop ballad comes with the distinct depth and mahogany richness that Sina can offer. The song describes the struggles of “loving someone even though you don’t feel totally ready”.

It is with the heaviest heart and humbleness, that a song like this can be shown with this vision. Sina’s silky vocals, gain your treasured trust, and gains even further the emotional chemistry of situation and vibes.

Love is a tender moment. Love is a beautiful thing. Love throws contrasts and difficulties, the same. But love, if true, will come through – no matter the hardship, doubts, or confusion.

Takes time.

Sina’s work in ‘Everything I Want To Be’ is a gorgeous testament to that most personal of challenges.


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