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Since November // Sunset Crater // Sam Florian // Love in October // Cloud Hands

Since November – First Final Frontier

‘First Final Frontier’ takes a pinch of French melodrama, and makes it their own, as the ‘tragedy’ of possible loves lost, expands. The beautifully laid out chorus is draped in the vocals that is as soft as a summer’s sun-shower. This is the band’s 2nd single, and it “is a song about exploring yourself. Every time you think you know it all, you realize, the quantity of exploration is unknown.” Touches immediately. It doesn’t let go, as the guitar chords, pick at your reality, refining as the chords are played. This is the project of Tomi Mäkilä and Jukka-Pekka Flander.

Sunset Crater – So Long, Sunrise

Consisting of members Dario Bizio, Milo Coulter, Henry Gross, and Max Gardos, the band’s hazy-gazy psyche single ‘So Long, Sunrise’ is a pleasant trip. It’s a gentle reminder of a touch of the grunge of old, with the current acumens of the best in indie-rock. A promise of an alternate Universe, and the excitement, such as a forbidden kiss, the guitar picking on this single is delicious in ever way. Kudos.

Sam Florian – Wastin’ My Time

From SAM FLORIAN you get that which you’d never thought. With a seductive progression as the notions of a Stevie Nicks, the harmonies and chill of this single ‘Wastin’ My Time’ collects all of the rendered realities, and spits it out in a succulent offering of melancholic grandeur. This is Sam’s 5th single, as vocalist Elsa Carmona tells of a story revolving around a story of a relationship, which just wasn’t getting anywhere. We’d all been there, haven’t we? No matter what, it’s a ‘best of times, worst of times’ scenario when in that limbo. And with oozing synth and accents, perpetrating scenic revelries, SAM FLORIAN casts a beautiful mahogany of colors. Let’s not waste this.

Love in October – Time Cop

Active and rowdy, ‘Time Cop’ is the perfect medicine for your rock needs. LOVE IN OCTOBER’s single brings to the fore, once more, the best in traditions championed by The Cars, Talking Heads, Pixies, Franz Ferdinand, and makes it just so very cool. Shake it all about, as you become consumed by this danceable offering, which just makes you happy. When was the last time you’d been happy? Now. Right now listening to ‘Time Cop’. The 3rd single from the band’s new album ‘Shapes’, the band kicks your butt, with you agreeing to the fabulousness. LOVE IN OCTOBER consists of Erik Widman (guitar/vocals), Kent Widman (bass), and Chris Limerinos (guitar).

Cloud Hands – Cynics

Hands that wash the dust off of the memories of old and preparing for the new, the hands of time, rides on the waves of the open waters, tending to the rhythms of life and its hardships. Breaking through with sharp defiance, the wave crests, looking back at your aggressions that will never succumb. Will is the way, and the powers that be, can never hold the shackles of repression forged for long. CLOUD HANDS combines lyrical explorations, with catchy melodies, which seduce and rattle the senses. Framed in the indie-rock tradition, ‘Cynics’ is a ballad for the wanting. The band consists of Zane Walsh, Jacob Gordner, Connor Hanson, Dylan Malugen, and Brian Dylla.


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