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Single Debut! The High Divers – ‘Fall In Love So Fast’

Long over due and anticipated new Album ‘Chicora’ from The High Divers will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, their first single ‘Fall In Love So Fast’ will be released January 16, 2018.

Such good news!

‘Fall In Love So Fast’, is a dang good way to start the promo for the new album release. The song encompasses what The High Divers IS.





And most importantly, it represents their RETURN from emotional deprivations; undermined by a summer tragedy during the flipping of their tour van and the results having been injuries to all the band members.

“For a while, all we wanted to do was stare at a wall,” says frontman Luke Mitchell.

But they became stronger, and even more resilient. They had to be, for they needed to finish what they started.

‘Chicora’ is an evolution that is obvious and distinctively contrasts what and how ‘Riverlust’ (their 2015 release) showed.

Even more self confident.

Even more proud.

Even more delectable.

The new album will include 11 new songs, including some of our favorites: ‘Weighing On My Mind’, ‘Bend’, and ‘Side Man’ – some great songs, great execution, fabulous paintings.

Imagery is what the band and its lyrics do well. Painting pictures, holding your hand down that corridor of life’s peculiar memories, we pass everyday.

“We made a conscious choice to experiment with straying from our southern roots on this record,” Mitchell says.

‘Chicora’ will drop March 2, 2018 on True Blue Records.

We can’t wait to review our faves from the album.

Kudos, THD. Kudos.



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