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Single ‘Don’t Ruin The Party’ By NUMI. “The Rainbow Of Splatters, In Color, Smudged Then Framed.”

NUMI is a singer-songwriter does sound-atmospheres. Meaning she takes the nitrogen from this atom, and turns it into that neglected side of you, your child in you, the outlook into the future – into a tangible aerosol deeply inhaled to bliss.

It’s a spritz.

The rainbow of splatters, in color, smudged then framed. Like an oil painting, in pop-art. Like the water shimmer, when looking back up into the sky, from a deep deep oceanic dive.

It’s a spritz, of sonic importance.

‘Don’t Ruin The Party’ seems like an excerpt from a longer piece of the puzzle. But in fact, it is a complete, no non-sense description of her longings – hidden, revealed, then silently put on a platter of love on the couch in the middle of the floor.

Even with all the dancing, that ‘platter of love’ is never disturbed. ‘Don’t Ruin The Party’ never deviates.

It just dictates. Solum-ly. Majestically.

Getting you ready for the chapters to be revealed, and offering up the opportunities for consumption.

Let’s join NUMI in her quest.



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