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Sipper – Adam Driver

Wholesome and intrinsically delicate, the debut single from SIPPER, is a winding road of hinted emotional gestures. In life, there are heroes. Well, most of us do have a few. But not having one is okay too, for we can be our own hero or heroine. Depending on whether you’re going on a long trip to save the Universe from evil doers, or just being a mad significant other, we all can feed the beast through our heroes. And as we listen to ‘Adam Driver’ by Sipper, we get why itself was a key to a place of reverence for a time. The soft bellowing guitar work, and hazy-gazy vocals, drip with fun. Word. SIPPER is an NYC based band who wants you to be their fan. Just do it.

Jason Matu – I Don’t Wanna Do It

Venting is what we all do. And in JASON MATU’s latest single ‘I Don’t Wanna Do It’, he vents to a deep ravine and just lets the other ‘have it’. A classic call-out song about a betrayal from a ‘dirty liar’, Jason (who we first got to know through his duo band SHAPES ON TAPE), talks about someone who “promised” just for the sake of promising. Of course there was no follow through, and excuses just piled on top of each other. “Well, that loser gets his,” explained Jason. “Or maybe not so much, but at least I feel better (and for inquiring minds, I did make him pay).” There’s no foaming at the mouth for Jason on this track, for his soaring vocals of indie-spirit, makes it worth while.

Andy Hughes – Little Miss America

Sophistication is what ANDY HUGHES brings, with his single ‘Little Miss America’. Andy is tight, emotional, story-centric, bringing the feel of Cat Stevens and the vocal attenuations of a Neil Diamond. The little single tinkers successfully with many part of our notions for a day’s thoughts and never fails to remind us, through out. Andy is a veteran of the La Crosse Wisconsin area and been making poignant and tactile folk music for along time. The often somber, but practical emotional diaries, in song, is what he’s about. After all, Andy knows how life is, and it must go on. Moving forward with the punches and the lows, which will always bring times of triumph and the sweet. Andy makes great music. Simple as that. His second solo album is available now.

Hayden Arp – House on a Hill

HAYDEN ARP, an Alexandria VA raised musician, released his 2016 single ‘In The Fading Light’. An EP ‘For Gabriel’ was released as well. Now in Richmond VA, he’s about to embark on his Winter tour starting in January 12th in Nashville. And in celebration of that new year start, his new song ‘House On A Hill’, a beautiful and captivating folk delight, is captured for viewing pleasure in this new music video. And where Hayden’s expressive and firm vocals depict pastel colors and beauty, his single standing acoustic drizzle takes us on an a mini trip of innocence and memories. A story teller of fantastic skills, indeed.

Lone Wild – Spitfire

LONE WILD is one of many bands which we have a habit of repeatedly featuring. Well, there’s good reason to do so, for the band is plenty of sweet, with the tanginess of a chilled orange in the shaded swimming pool. LONE WILD is something that is to be experienced, first hand. The slather of synth, with the vocal twists and turns, rock up the causeway for love in this single ‘Spitfire’. It’s a losing proposition if you want to tangle with the makes of this song. The excitement never stops with this Tulsa originating indie band.

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