Sir Jay ‘Mid-July’ : The details of surrounding gratitudes.

Sir Jay

The third single from the upcoming ‘Big Waves’ EP, the details of surrounding gratitudes, and the solemn issuance of a song like ‘Mid-July’ is a groovy collide of emotions and expectations.

As the lyrics of the song is fabulously crafted, the supportive instruments, glean at the possibilities of positives and of the not so. “The song was written a year ago in the deepest darkness of Finnish winter.” The 29 year old from Finland, takes it to the max as his story telling prowess, is expertly delivered in this charming and minimalistic anthem to your place within this world. Using “experimental folk-rock aesthetics, the imaginary flow of lyrics, and vibrating drum patterns as well as body percussion”, Sir Jay is profound in his stance for authenticity and sheer vibrance.

About his upcoming EP he said: “It’s the feeling of finding yourself at home under the soothing waves, while the chaotic sounds coming from the outside world are left unheard. Those waves tell you that somebody else will make a change and that somebody else will save the world. Nowadays, some of us have a privilege to observe the devastation caused by consumer society from a safe distance.”



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