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Sir Jude Shares ‘What The Hell Have You Done’. “Salience of realities.”

Sir Jude’s single ‘What The Hell Have You Done’ is from her debut EP. Available now.

‘What The Hell Have You Done’ is confronting and raw, an open letter to vulnerability and a submission to heart break. It’s a calling card for the bewitching siren who has developed a new aesthetic journey where her sensuality, individuality and imagination can be freely explored.

Juliana Barillaro is Sir Jude, and the Australian singer/songwriter and producer brings edgy, alt-pop grandeur, onto a soundscape of thoughtful prescience.

With reverence for the holy living, Juliana, culminates a handful of brilliant speck of stars – showing off the delights in Sia-like theatrics and Billie Eilish-like rhythmic pop-grunge aesthetics. A sense of story telling, that might or might not tell the voice of the white hat – the hero or heroine – that we’d come to expect. Sir Jude is a project of contrasts and contradictions, described in a vast array of laser-light awe, but as delicate as the pedals on a flower.

Through her project, Juliana immerses us into a grunge of pastel colors, dignified by the utter salience of realities in our minds.

‘What The Hell Have You Done’ is a remark, on the mystery of ourselves.



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