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Sir Woman Shares ‘Highroad’. “Will make you bop a bit and smile.”

SIR WOMAN is the solo project of a very talented producer, artist, co-founder of WILD CHILD and member of band GLORIETTA (a band we’d featured before), Kelsey Wilson. The writing still are highlighted with the latest outcrop from Kelsey is delightful, manic, emotional, fun, and delivers with a frame for fun and nonchalance. The endemic vision for quelling blues incurring activities of life, is engrained deep and beautifully in each of ‘Highroad’s radical and tasty swerves.

In her upcoming solo album under her SIR WOMAN moniker will soon release and the Austin based artist, will have to get ready for the pouring of support and accolades.

‘Highroad’ resumes a passion for funk and psychedelia, tuned for the current state of the times, with consensually gentle feels of our manic depressive inner souls.

Taking that high-road to nowhere fast, is what we need sometimes. ‘Highroad’ by SIR WOMAN, wants all of us to take that deep breath for the betterment of your future self.

In the meantime, the song will make you bop a bit and smile.



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