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Sirenety // Dirty Rugs // Oddnesse // Josiah Konder // Lily Kershaw

Sirenety – Watch It Burn

Alt-pop artist SIRENETY had been described as: “Haunting visage encapsulates the East London artist, as shadows of our selves scurry past the midnight junctures of the here and never” by us. That kind of revelry continues through the beautifully presented artist, in voice and in calm, pursuant integrity of her lyrics. ‘Watch It Burn’ is the 4th single coming from the London based singer/songwriter. And the slightly more aggressive triphop bass and elements give a tidy push to the pace and holds you to the negligence of the horizon that maybe. SIRENETY’s serene vocals revive your call to arms, as the anthemic electro pop vibes surge on through. A dark and brooding undertone landscapes with pride and exquisite pictures in the wide and perilous. It’s another personal and intimate period of time in memorial.

Dirty Rugs – I Got Your Moves

Said DIRTY RUGS: “This song is inspired from being in the music scene for 10+ years and really just having that anxiety or worry that what we’re working on or crafting isn’t good enough. We believe this is something all creative people face, and from that view it was really easy to connect with the song.” We’d called them “Rock ’em, sock ’em” kind of a band. And nothing else makes that more true than this exciting and booty shaking rock single named ‘I Got Your Moves’. Again, it’s so easy to dig their stuff. The band consists of: Cody Plaiss, Cody DeCant and identical twins, Josh and Ben Phelps. And the mix of 2000’s Kings Of Leon vibes, with the ‘Dirty Rugs’ kind of decadence, living and thrivin’ in the DNA of this song, you just can’t have it played, just once. It’s a fact. DIRTY RUGS just knows how to push your party buttons. See them next at Lucky Liquor, in Tukwila, Washington on October 3rd, why don’t ya!

Oddnesse – Donut Shop

ODDNESSE is Rebeca Arango and her project entails telling of the banal extremities in life, through the thick expressive glasses of oddity and eccentricity. And we think it’s the only way to go. The music of ODDNESSE is a straight on pop-rock offering, with the turn of events, ironic and at times sardonic, embedded deep within the crevasses of the lyrics. Rebeca’s gentle vocals hum along with never a strain, where comfort of being together on this journey with her, exceeds your wildest imaginations and trepidations. The odd slip and slide of ODDNESSE’s ventures dawn upon our ‘normalities’ and accentuates the obvious with a dash of the extraordinary. Touch of class, with a touch of the beautifully obscene.

Josiah Konder – Out Of The Hazard

JOSIAH KONDER’s single ‘Out Of The Hazard’ is reminiscent of all of the passions exuded by folk-rock of the past. And as the encapsulating grandeur of the song, sings in harmony, you’re thrown into a tumble, where jazz and groove meet for a night on the town. Josiah’s fabulously unique vocals are the right balance of narrative ecstasy. It is the glimmer of story telling, classic and demure – but decimating and ballistic, at the same time. A contrast of emanating curiosity and beaming empathy, flows from the Dane’s existence. ‘Out Of The Hazard’ is the 2nd single from the upcoming sophomore LP ‘Throught The Stutter’. Pop songs that alter your vibes, melancholic and just – all clear your notions from your mind’s quarries, infinitum. See Josiah next at Kabinet MÚZ in the Czech Republic, October 5th.

Lily Kershaw – The Sea (feat. Jon Bryant)

Riding on the seat of sorrow, the blessed rhymes of LILY KERSHAW beckons with amplitude in seductive reasoning, dolloped in casualties – of heart and mangled inhibitions. The new song ‘The Sea’ sees Lily’s poignant lyrics, beautifully profound by her voice, dancing in vibrance in gray with featured vocalist Jon Bryant. Off of the upcoming sophomore album ‘Arcadia’ (November), the strong length of weight is silently cemented in between the folds of time and space. Lily’s triumph is the honesty of her truth; given in a spotlight appearance in the scheme of life and personal liberation. See Lily perform next at Troubadour West Hollywood California October 8th.


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