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SIS Shares Musical Eroticism With Single ‘Gene’. No, Not That Kind Of Eroticism. But It Is.

We don’t think SIS meant to do this to us with their single ‘Gene’. But they did. Maybe we have a bit of a dirty mind. Who doesn’t right? Well, ‘Gene’ brought it out of us, and well, it’s just sexy and erotic and just simply a sonic tapestry for the cerebral cortex.

Blending the weird and other worldly sensibilities that the band brings, within ‘Gene’ it continues their campaign into digging that odd little chord into our brains, sucking out the noise, and inserting that flash drive of love.

It’s an odd thought, but in some chords combined with Jenny Gillespie Mason’s vocals, we got a feel of classic ‘Nothing But The Girl’ Tracey Thorn vibe. Why is that?? In any case, it’s there. We’d listened several times.

The delicate vocals is evident (and a bit hard to make out, during the first listen), however, the buildup to the maximum peak of the song is worth the wait.

Anywho, the band consist of: Jenny Gillespie Mason, Rob Shelton, Carly Bond, Joseph Adamik, Andrew Maguire, and Jamie Riotto.

Fun song; cool stuff.

We think their ‘Gene’ is just the bee’s knees.


On August 25th, they’re playing @ Brick and Mortar. This is their album release par-tay.



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