Six Twenty Eight ‘The Ballad of Marcus Luttrell’ : Power ballad of a classic kind. Story of struggle and being the best one can be.

Six Twenty Eight

This song is about “Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell the lone survivor of Operation Red Wings and subject of the Mark Wahlberg movie “Lone Survivor”,” said Six Twenty Eight.

The song begins depicting the struggles of BUDS training for the elite US naval SEAL teams and goes on to detail a brief account of Luttrell’s remarkable story. It deals with universal themes of courage in the face of death, determination and sacrifice.

The song is written and produced by London-based Dubliner, Eoghan Gallagher, for the artist Six Twenty Eight and is the London band’s debut release.

The collaboration clicks with the energies of our deepest dependence to support and of empathy.

Power ballad with a heart.


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