SIXTEEN BULLETS Pulls Out The ‘Rage’ Card And Kills It in Single ‘When They Come’.

Yes. The title for this review was a little nod to one of our fave band (and for many others), Rage Against The Machine. And heck, it was a comparison that possibly anyone would love to have. But as we always do, it’s not always about nostalgia that gets us psyched to listen to a song, but it’s what’s just underneath the skin of a song that gets us excited. And in SIXTEEN BULLETS’ single ‘When They Come’, the premise to destruction is a unforgiving commentary on ‘power’ and galant ‘abuse’ of it. The depiction of police is straight out of local TV, we presume (via Facebook?) and it entails the knockdown of doors, panes of window glass, kicking and arresting of people who’d been stopped.

In this day and age of violence (or big threats of violence), it all seems just surreal sometimes from any kind of power being abused. From the littlest ‘violations’ by local government, to deaths by factions in the public, or from authorities, who the public have given power to protect with fair assurances.

It’s a difficult question to solve in such a large society. But we trudge on, and never giving up. Especially in a very free society (compared to most of world’s societies) like our own.

The lesson that we take from ‘When They Come’ is that we as the citizens have to be vigilant in noting and understanding our way of living. Civil liberties, freedom of press, corruption, should always be a part of the public discourse.

For, the country exists, because of its citizens and their decency – an not without it.


Nah. This tells ya how cool this single from SIXTEEN BULLETS really is.

Get into SB and you won’t regret it.


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