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SIZE MATTERS: Hurricane Irma Vs. Hurricane Andrew. No comparison.

Hurricane Irma is set to impact south Florida in the next several days. The authorities have announced their warnings to locals in Florida, in preparedness to the natural disaster that is coming its way.

The Grist cited @EricHolthaus, a contributing writer for them, in comparing Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Andrew (officially killed 65 and caused $27 Billion in damages, in 1992) storm sizes.

@JoelNihlean, a follower of Holthaus, put the images together in one GIF.

And the size difference is undeniable, and ominous.

Irma had been downgraded to a Category 4 storm on Sept. 7th, however, the danger is the same: Flooding and Wind destruction for residents of Florida.

Devastation had already been witnessed in Caribbean islands, like Barbuda.

FEMA officials are predicting that Irma will be devastating to the US, according to BBC report.

September 8 forecast from NOAA:


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