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Skerryvore’s Single ‘At The End Of The Line’. Beautiful. So, Repeatable.

SKERRYVORE is a Scotland based musical delight. And in ‘At The End Of The Line’ you can feel the emotions, love and everything that comes in between with the package of living a life.

Chart topping.


So, so repeatable.

No matter what genre you’re set on dedicating your life’s minutes to, you can’t deny the fabulousness and appeal of this song.

In a weird way, this specific single reminds me (to a point) of ‘Love Me With All Your Heart’ from Engelbert Humperdinck. We know, that we (at CHF) thinks ‘outside the box’ you can say sometimes, and guess this time, this might be a bit controversial.

But we don’t mean to be.

It’s just that the melodies and the aesthetic beauty of this ‘At The End Of The Line’ is just so scrumptiously delectable. The technical parts are not even remotely close to each other, but from the standpoint of the chorus and the origination of folk and country – it makes sense to us.

The captivating single is off of the band’s ‘EVO’ (available now).

Well, anywho, love songs like ‘At The End Of The Line’. It holds you tight, and doesn’t let go. It will take you to music corners you’d never dreamt you would, but you get there – quickly, unobtrusively.

And that is quite a feat.

The band is super popular world-wide, and we now know why.




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