Ski Team ‘Knicks Suck’ : But love is part delusion, no? Is it worth it to explore? Yes. Even if it hurts.

Ski Team

Relationships are hard sometimes. Ups and downs and all around. Sometimes there are times when you think you’re doing everything just right. Sometimes, you feel you’re walking on egg shells.

Eggs shells crack, inevitably.

And when the bow breaks, the flood of hidden agendas and hidden gripes, crush the valley of hopes that were.

But is it so desperate, at each and every moment of a love – a promise of such happiness? Does it always have to be this grinding?

Ski Team’s single ‘Knicks Suck’ is not about the NY Knicks (though might be a swipe on the down low).

It’s a song of that ‘walking on egg shells’, with that waking up into a person’s arms you’d never really had the key to open or have full access.

Delusions? Maybe.

But love is part delusion, no? Is it worth it to explore? Yes.

Just like being fans of the Knicks.

Lucie Lozinski is Ski Team and she’s fab. Get real and into this fun tune. Lucie is the bee’s knees.


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