Skintrade ‘Chosen Ones’ : Deliver the texture of the sweat and blood


SKINTRADE was formed in 1992 by Matti Alfonzetti (vocals), George Bravo (guitar, backing vocals), Stefan Bergström (guitar, backing vocals), Hakan Calmroth (bass) and Håkan Persson (drums, backing vocals).

Classic AOR. That’s what Skintrade’s single ‘Chosen Ones’ is all about. It’s rock, radio-vibes, and powerful vocals driven rock n’ roll.

From the classic blues charged hard-rock goodness, harmony driven chorus, and the central piece of expert vocals and guitars, deliver the texture of the sweat and blood that courses through such a venue.

And even through the decades, Skintrade hasn’t lost a step in keeping the essence of AOR deep within their productions.

In the tradition of compatriot bands like Eric Martin, Drive, Asia, Bad English, Heart and Mark Free, Skintrade delivers with ol’ school confidence and appeal for all of the senses in their listening audience.

All of the amenities are beautifully included in this fab single.


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