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Sky Civilian Shares A Wanton Vision In Single ‘If I Had’.

Critical infatuation, muddled through the path of the least existence. That exact, dried, and sandy path, crept into the mind as the millions upon millions in grains of sand, bombarded to the inner core of the ‘beast’. That ‘beast’ that growled and paced, from end to end, exhibiting the canines of a heart that was true, but hurt and scarred. The white sheen, lingered in the voyeur of her sensibilities, as a passive and selective roar of the spaceship rocket hurdled across to the edges of the unknown. The beast’s stripes – always sturdy – never changed its colors, and the gravity of the submissive, stood its ground, defending – shielding – deflecting. The white sheen of her smiling teeth, growled with confidence and profound luster for all to fathom.

Maggie Thornton is SKY CIVILIAN. She’s come a long way. Her path to this – the year of two thousand and nineteen, marks her rise as a new beast. She’s combed through her heart and emotions to get to where she’s always wanted to. She had an inkling of desire and confidence, in producing HER music, the way she’d liked and the way it sounds to her passions.

‘If I Had’ is the first offering of such bundle of excitement and anxieties. It is a song of perpetual and cylindrical references, drizzled in the sustainable resistance of the synthetic sonic verbs. The flight of the birds, open up the sky, of blue, turquoise, and symphonic ecstasy. The keys, rouse up the un-anointed, enveloping with experimental haughtiness, dabbling in the childlike happiness we’d let slip away.

But that ‘happiness’ is back. It’s returned, through the production of this vast horizon captured by SKY CIVILIAN’s EDM-like phenomenon.

Art become her.

She is art in moving form.

We think we should pace that cage, as everyday, that door opens wider and wider.

Certainly has for SKY CIVILIAN.

Look for her debut EP soon.



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