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SKY HARPS Shares Beautiful Serenade ‘Woodman’s’. “Non-Apologetically Decadent. Delight For Our Ears.”

SKY HARPS have been in our radar for some time now. And in ‘Woodman’s’ the draping feel of solitude and desperation is delightfully demonstrated with the confines of the single. The walls are crusted with memories of the past and the possible futures to come – and SKY HARPS won’t have it.

When we heard this single the first thing you think of is the guitar work. Calm, placid, introspective – the notes just float off of the metal spirals and paint the pictures that only you can imagine.



Your frustration is exactly described by the ‘scraping’ riffs of the bridge.

Your thoughts become to mush, as a tear forms at the corner of your eyes.

“Oh how I wish…”

We think SKY HARPS has out done themselves with this single. The touch onto 70’s rock sensibilities and forming of new heights with modern elements in synth, coalesces seamlessly around the fantastic lyrics and tight production. The emotions are soaked in EACH AND EVERY note. And in EACH NOTE, you want it all over you – then you want EVEN MORE. By middle of the single, we have been transported to that NEW world of worlds.

It’s a must single.

It’s a single we’d subconsciously desired from SKY HARPS.

Now, it’s here.



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