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Skye Wallace Shares ‘Coal In Your Window’. “Fun, serious, deep, rockin’ – what else can you want??”

Chet Tilokani

Exciting, driving – the perfect balance in pop and punk lives in this latest single from SKYE WALLACE’s ‘Coal In Your Window’. The subtle rock comes from this devastatingly magnetic artist, with easy power to sonic amplification, to our hearts and our dancing legs.

Oh those dancing legs.

It’s been a long winter, and just needs lots of exercise.

But not any kind of exercise, SKYE WALLACE kind of exercise.

The exercise of delicious rambunctiousness, woven into the cracks of subjective ambiguities, thrown up against the wall in a bare wall industrial warehouse of your heart.

Dance you fool, dance!

We sure did.

The trained singer with east coast roots got hit by the punk rock scene and she does her thing to write that way. Skye is Canada, and the Toronto based artist knows exactly what she wants.

Fun, serious, deep, rockin’ – what else can you want??




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