Skygasm ‘Ocean of Flowers’ : Beautiful set of inertia and amplitude. Haunting understated melancholy.


Akiko Matsuda and Henry Dobson are the two husband and wife team that makes their project, Skygasm, soar. With a beautiful set of inertia and amplitude, the single chides over defunct misfits of emotions, while aggressively sifting the nuances and spread it out like the cards of hearts and diamonds. A winning formulation, that exerts with simple and melodic attitudes, embraced by the haunting understated melancholy of Akiko, all surrounded in shrouded parchments of Henry’s digital sagas.

“Ocean of flowers was improvised and recorded in one take using very simple, traditional production techniques at Henry’s Scottish countryside studio. The song draws from our stream of consciousness and reflects a childhood nostalgia, mixed with our urban roots and the bucolic spring time surroundings of the studio.”

Truth in indie and all that is holy. Indeed.


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