Slam Reed ‘Puzzle Pieces’ : Beautiful piece to chew, where you can savor the taste of what life can give you.

Slam Reed

‘Puzzle Pieces’ is about “dealing with the turmoil of a crumbling relationship and beginning to catch on to the emotional games a significant other has been playing.”

Slam Reed is a New York indie songwriter, bedazzling the eyes and ears of his listeners with songs that tell a story. Whether it be that of revolutionary political action or peaceful treks alone through the wilderness, SR’s artful satisfaction in both spoken word/rap, and r&b driven bluesy epitaphs of song – kicks it to even higher gears as he goes along. He writes loosely within the genres of indie, folk, pop, punk, rock, alternative, hip hop and most other things excluding country.

Slam Reed pursued a path of music shortly after graduating high-school, hoping to share his insights and observations of these uneasy times. Through the warm rasp of his vocals, Slam purveys messages of unity, equality and a perpetual middle finger to the establishment.

How can you resist such poetry in ‘Puzzle Pieces’?!

You won’t be able.

Slam Reed’s latest LP ‘Wildwood’ is a beautiful piece to chew, where you can savor the taste of what life can give you.


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