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Slark Moan Shares ‘Honesty’ Off Of Upcoming Sophomore LP ‘Superstition for the Consumer Romantic’.

Mark Sloan is SLARK MOAN. He’s made his latest sophomore album ‘Superstition for the Consumer Romantic’ with the singular focus of continuing on that road of craft.

“I had the vibe of the record in my head,” Mark stated. “The recording process was more about filling in color and sketching it out. Because the band is just me, I wasn’t able to play the songs live so it was all happening in my house.”

“Expectations are a product of our environment and largely the cultural mythology that inform our behavior,” he added. “We live in a world that is a blending of romanticism and consumerism. The romantics in all of us seek meaning in experiences and those experiences theoretically validate our existence. In a post-industrial capitalist age, meaningful experiences have been commodified and existential fulfillment becomes another consumer good, thus purpose becomes determined by purchasing power.”

‘Honesty’ is a shimmering achievement with dollops of clarity and flirting angst of a man – a woman – a talk; f listening with intent and intuition. Communicating is easy. Communicating in a visceral way with the ones you care, is sometimes hard.

Mark’s lyrical monarchs, float with the majesty that leads you to a challenge of the world. Then we delight in the obviousness of that exact situation. And when his vocals make limber of the way forward, we sigh with relaxation and a bit more self worth, once again.

Newest LP ‘Superstition for the Consumer Romantic’ drops August 9th.

He’s spent the past few years touring as a hired gun for artists including Margo Price, Kelsey Waldon, Sam Outlaw, Erin Rae & more.

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