Slark Moan ‘The Shore’ : Touches, many in the same plight. A reassuring single, realistic and hopeful.

'The Shore'

“I wrote this song in a somewhat defeated headspace,” said Slark Moan. “I’ve worked as a sideman musician for 13 years in Nashville. This past year I quit my gigs and sold my house to pursue my own music. Unfortunately, the career pivot coincided with the pandemic. Now I am unable to tour and face a very uncertain future once my unemployment runs out. This song is an attempt to process and find peace in the dismal situation.”

Curve ball. Twists of the plot. Unlucky dilemmas. Down and out?

When the world – nay, the universe – feels as if it’s against you, depression is imminent. A solitary convulsion of doubts, regrets, pain, and horror, collapse on to your shoulders, like nothing else.

Mark Sloan is Slark Moan, and to a degree, he’s accepted this fate. But at the corner of his mind, it’s certain that it’ll be temporary. A temporary pain, which will be supplanted with happier news and happier times.

After all. It’s happened before. And why not again?

‘The Shore’ touches, many in the same plight. A reassuring single, realistic and hopeful.


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