Sleemo ‘Bugs’ : Excitement thrust. Get bludgeoned to death. You smile.


‘Bugs’ is the second new song from our currently unreleased EP ‘Mutation Of’, Sleemo is a hyper exciting band which gets you excited (like a first date), gets you bludgeoned to death (like in a murder suicide, then unexpectedly smile like you’d gone to rock heaven (no one can blame you). It’s contrast with simple outcomes, as the trio of Jacob Brooks, Jack Andrews and Billy George Utting thrills you in ‘Bugs’.

It’s darker and heavier than our previous releases due to the more introspective lyrics and the heavier influences during the writing and recording process. As opposed to ‘Pipe Bomb’, this is a more recently written track and features a little more experimentation. We intended to try and capture the energy of our performance on this one and we’re very excited about it’s release.

It is what the universe had called for and when Sleemo from Norwich UK, initializes with their infectious rock energies and lyrical acumen – you’re hooked.

So. Let’s rock. Then smile.


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