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Sleephawk Shares ‘Malibu’. Beautiful Way To Express Such Angst And Memories Of The Past.

Like the locked up portraits of the sights and sounds, in talk and crackle. Like the smoothing of the paint brush, inside the heart of the drools of perpetual machines. Just like you, my scintillating brilliance of words, and words, and words.

Let’s not get caught, under the undertow. We can’t. We shouldn’t. I shouldn’t.

I can’t.

You convulse my path to the rights of the notes you passed to me in the classroom of that first semester of the mind.

The note said “What’s your name?”

I wrote back. Then you didn’t look back any longer.

Why? Why were you ignoring me?


You don’t know me. You don’t care.

“I do.”

SLEEPHAWK is Matt Wright. And his single ‘Malibu’ is twisted, odd, and just is brilliant at what our hearts sometimes feel but cannot explain in words. It’s a beautiful way to express such angst and memories of the past, and past simulations of relationships.

This is the debut single from the one man band, and we think it’s fab.

Looking forward to more in the future.



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