Sleepy Gonzales ‘Slow Apocalypse’ : The world seems manageable, after all.

Sleepy Gonzales

Sleepy Gonzales is an indie band from a tiny basement in Surrey onto stages around Vancouver. Their sound could be described as suburban sadness drenched in reverb. Or dreamlike melodies backed by raw, tired energy, which is unrelenting in a big way.

Their music creeps up on you. Their lyrics get on top of you and reminds you of the little things that matter. Their ambience caters with reckless abandon, but soothes with a touch of glittering shimmer.

Parts pop indie. Parts Sigur Ros like reverb beautification. ‘Slow Apocalypse’ touches on many genres, with apropos insinuations and expert nuances. With harmonious layers in voices, the catastrophic, doesn’t seem that nebulous, any longer, with this single playing.

The world seems manageable, after all.


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