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Sleepy Soul // Marsupial Soup // Bess Atwell // Soften // Milkshakes

Sleepy Soul – Still Can’t Dance

SLEEPY SOUL is Nick Hummel and Michael LeFevre. Dance, soul – music that speaks to the duo and a lot of us who listen. ‘Still Can’t Dance’ is a song that rings true to many, with an unobtrusive wealth within the innocent revelry. Of sentiments and delights, a gaping mouth surprise of groove and synth bearing syntax are pounded and nurture the child within us. The single is a damning support to the variant eccentricities of the weirdness we bring to this world, and of the utterly wonderful in the ‘mundane’. Nothing’s mundane when it matters – to someone – somewhere.

Marsupial Soup – Neon Nights

Two piece statement, MARSUPIAL SOUP, is a South Wales originating, London based new-wave-esque pop-rock way of falling in love – the right way. And in the world of MARSUPIAL SOUP, the experimental DNA of the duo keeps at perfecting. Mission is to bring forth melodies and hooks, that make you travel back in time to a time of coming-of-age, with a sprinkling of palpable beats and rhythms. ‘Neon Nights’ is the best in ‘the best night’ you’d ever had with her. The last dance, and the night ending kiss, remains in your mind like a fairy-tale and like a cocktail dream. You sigh with a smile, as you come back from those ‘good old days’. But don’t fret. MARSUPIAL SOUP isn’t only about those memories, it’s also about making new one. Let’s ride.

Bess Atwell – Ventnor Villas

We’d stated about BESS ATWELL: “Like a best friend, BESS ATWELL’s lyrical attentions comfortably numb your hurt. Scars can heal with Bess’ unequivocal renditions, built from a ground of solitude and reflection.” It’s true. She hurts. Her lyrics hurt. They hurt like a gut punch, and it feels good to feel that way. Sometimes feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all, right? “‘Ventnor Villas‘ portrays the dynamics of an old relationship shifting into something new,” Bess said. “The song sways between moments of clarity and moments of specific nostalgia. It’s a love song about no longer being “in love”. Every other song on the record is off balance, putting most of the emphasis on somebody else – I like to think Ventnor Villas is about regaining some of that back.“ Off of her venerable EP ‘Big Blue’ conflicts are the theme of the day and only Bess can describe them so elegantly. “I have an amazing full-time band now who worked on these songs with me outside of the studio and so, when the time came to record, we just went into the studio and essentially played the songs“. She keeps conquering in 2019.

Soften – Iridescent

Off of the delectable EP ‘Soften Forever’, Cincinnati originating band SOFTEN is that delicious caramel inside that love that surrounds that hard shell. Like the visceral call to arms, the band’s single ‘Iridescent’ is a beautifully sung and crafted alt-country-folk luminance that got lost in the palm of these talented artists, and resurrected to the palpable essence you hear before you. It’s surreal, affectionate, and nails the airy but supple vibe that it carries in earnest. Brianna Kelly, Corey Waddell, Jon Delvaux, and Andrew Aragon steer this ship that could, with rousing confidence and swells of harmonies and hooks. Brianna’s vocals wallops with a heavy blow, each verse, and each sentiment. And we swear we dig it so. ‘Soften Forever’ is the follow up EP to their 2017 release ‘Seen + Unseen’.

Milkshakes – Take me to the stars

Feeling high, in love with love, she climbed that mountain at the outskirts of her town. All smiles and with a fulness in her heart that she’d not felt in a long time, nothing could stand in her way. The climb was arduous, but not dangerous. Only in a way that she would quit and forget why she’d come all this way. Her new path was the reason she’d climbed all this way – sweating out accessibility, and elegantly gracing that side of the mountain of hope and happiness. “It is beautiful up here,” she told herself. She’d made it. Love was within her grasp. A new chapter had opened. Beautiful bedroom-pop band MILKSHAKES’ single ‘Take Me To The Stars’, grasps at the heart of hearts, and the argument for what should really matter. Most importantly, what you will do to get to that finish-line you’d set up for yourself. Duda Bertho, Fellipe Pereira, Lucas Mello, Robson Cavalcante, and Jõao Lamenha are MILKSHAKES.


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