Sleepyheart ‘Attention’ : Effervescent for the next horizon – tackling the issues of heart and mind


In the best traditions of bands like Goo Good Dolls, Matchbox Twenty, Duncan Sheik and Better Than Ezra, the classic indie-pop sounds of Sleepyheart is charming in all the right ways. A bold and enlightening sense of self is delivered in the lyrics, effervescent for the next horizon – tackling the issues of heart and mind, all in an effort to accentuate the good times that can be had.

Self-produced/recorded, the Just Friends – EP was released in late 2017 featuring pop-punk influenced songs about unrequited love (You and I) to acoustic-driven songs of introspection and heartfelt apology (Sorry).

Sleepyheart began in late 2016 as the solo project of alt-rock singer/songwriter Nathaniel Goldblatt.

And with it, Nathaniel resoundingly continues to give his audience what they want: melodic vision, drizzled in pop shimmers.

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(2/2) Sorry was written and recorded in our first Austin apartment, and was actually used as my capstone project to graduate from the recording program at Texas State. 'Sorry' was the first mix I had done that I was really proud of and thought actually kind of stood up to the level of mixes I was striving to produce. And of course, Just Friends, the song I wrote for and performed for my wife at our wedding. I actually wrote this song for my proposal, and then modified it for the wedding. I guess it is a little weird that I decided to put such a personal song out there in the world for everyone to consume, but there's a reason for it. I've been writing songs since almost as far back as I can remember, but I had never really written a "love song." Just not my thing. So when I decided to write this song for the girl I was going to marry, I told myself that I wanted the song to be good enough that I'd be proud to put it out on an album. When it was all said and done, I figured I might as well actually record it and put it out to prove it. It was supposed to be a surprise that I was recording it, but she came home one day to find me squeaking out the high octave falsetto last-chorus vocal in our closet, so, surprise ruined and kind of an embarrassing part to be caught singing with no context haha. Whoops! You can read more about the EP in the previous post!

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