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slenderbodies – queen

‘Queen’ is a song of ‘feminine prowess’. “Sometimes a king needs a loving reminder from their queen, to show him his ‘wealth’; referring to his strength, talents, creativity, and ability to love, grow and prosper for both of their well being,” stated slenderbodies. One could go about without the other. But can it be as satisfying? Some argue, possibly not. After all we are a species with 2 sexes, with highly different strengths and weaknesses. Team effort, ain’t it? And that’s where ‘queen’ comes in and asks, are you indeed appreciative, of your other? Just like many things in life, we don’t often thank the ones closest to you, enough. Maybe we can, from now on. The breathy vocals in ‘queen’ is the silent partner on your shoulder of conscience. Listen.

The National Lights – Lantern and Whalebone

THE NATIONAL LIGHTS’ newest album ‘Whom The Sea Will Keep’ is available now, and from it the single ‘Lantern And Whalebone’ comes to light. Originally formed in Poughkeepsie, NY, the band is a folk sense of heaven, as the strength of the individual artists, converge to make a beautiful ensemble of harmonies and delightful beckoning to life. Consisting of Jacob Thomas Berns, Chris Kiehne and Sonya Cotton, the band prevails with innocence in lyrical construction. Layering their vocals works are variance of percussions, and stringed instruments, give off a charming and affable aura. The melancholic de jour, is lined with optimism, which lives under a private shroud of contentment.

Baer Traa – Could Have Been Me

‘Could Have Been Me’ is a sentimental emotional exercise by BAER TRAA. And in this beautifully presented folk testament, Baer immediately grabs our hearts, with strikingly decadent vocals, framed by the floating strings, hovering and wandering, and highlighting this candid story. “Could Have Been Me” is an acoustic folksong about the audience,” stated Baer. “The narrator is a fan listening to an artist, imagining that every word is directed to him. “Who is that guy you were singing about, cause it could have been me, it could have been me.” The attitude of a thoughtful whimsy, flows deeply in Baer’s music, and it continues in this single. Our day-dreaming hearts, couldn’t resist. BAER TRAA is a singer/songwriter from Holland. Contemporary, confident, exquisite – all of the stuff you need in a mood swinging artist. His latest EP ‘Out of Thin Air’ is out now.

Stevie Zita – Ghouls

Moods. That’s what STEVIE ZITA makes. Every time. And when he sings in his singles, he cracks the ceilings on what could be. The layered lyrics, with alternative and personal meanings, are amplified to the fullest with addictive pop elements and digital notes that activate that happiness cortex, in a melancholic love. More thank his previous singles, ‘Ghouls’ touches into the realm of the beautiful digital experimentations Radiohead reached in their recent past. And Stevie’s interpretations delight, with ease, as we clamor for more, then more. Stevie is here for you. Stevie is here for all of us.

Alex O’Aiza – Money

Heady subjects, is fodder for great musical presentation when ALEX O’AIZA’s concerned. “’Money’ was co-written with my close friend Austin Shawn in Nashville and was the start of a new sound and new direction for my artistry,” explained Alex. “It was born out of a political debate between Austin, his girlfriend, and myself, where we ended up wrapping up the conversation with the conclusion that the current American government prioritizes big business over the lives of their own constituents. The next morning when Austin randomly stumbled upon a moody bass-line, the ideas for lyrics started exploding out of our heads.” Isn’t that a cool story? The seeds of a fab single born out of general life concerns. The pull of the guitar work, along Alex’s understated but emphatic attitude in his vocals, makes you take notice. The Dallas Texas based artist, keeps it real, and want to make a mark in the musical world. Great start, don’t you think?


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