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Slide – Floating

Sweden based indie-rock band SLIDE comes back with single ‘Floating’. “We aren’t entirely sure what the song is about to be honest. It’s a dreamy one, but it’s supposed to be, you know? We liked the idea of this hallucinatory element of some of the instrumental being present in the lyrics as well. I think it’s about losing yourself in thought, and maybe losing yourself in love too. Ultimately anything can become a ghost and whether it’s just in your head or not doesn’t really matter. Either way you end up spending a whole lot of time in there…behind the eyes that is.” Don’t you love that explanation? It’s a very cool thing. The certain amount of time floating in the consumption of thought, is quite demanding. And you certainly feel the stress of it all in this playful but ominous single off of the new upcoming Ep ‘Into Happiness’. Quite a trip.

Agouti – Dragons

“What the heck is going on? Where are you taking us??” That was the immediate reaction we had of ‘Dragons’ by AGOUTI. The intro is you being thrown to the middle of a fantastical trip of Atlantis. With harmonic chaos all around you, with deft drums, beautiful vocals, and prog-rock keys and guitars chiming your every spicket of your being, the delicate delight of ‘Dragons’ hits the world-music sweet-spot. But it’s indie and it’s rock tot the core, as the band keeps hitting you with flowers and gems. Carmen Caruso’s voice is angelic and as soaring as the top of One World Trade. And with her voice at the helm, the illustrious and psychedelic hymns jump and slide into place, provoking and prodding. The band is a modern golden trip.

Light Wheel – Answers

Austin, Texas based LIGHT WHEEL consists of Tyagaraja, Evan Dunivan, Michael Sanders, and Ethan Yeager. Forged through the foam of life, they depict aspects in colors unseen and under-seen. With an x-ray like aura, they penetrate the outer skins, crusted by the afterthoughts of day-to-day hinderances of life gone blank. The recent four piece band shimmers in ‘Answers’, electrifyingly delighting the senses, like the autumn leaves in a crisp Spring, sunlit afternoon. The jaw dropping excuses, melt away from your mind, as LIGHT WHEEL’s songs exorcise the day. Get in and experience their force of electronic zen through their debut full-length LP ‘See Through’, available now.

Lucille Furs – Paint Euphrosyne Blue

Would you like it if he always acted that way towards you? He just likes you. ‘Paint Euphrosyne Blue’ is LUCILLE FURS’ 2nd single. The ‘LA-via-Chicago’ psyche-pop band re-acquaints you with the rock you’d missed in your dreams. This bouncy, topsy-turvy, and majestically fun single is a throw up on the wall painting, which ultimately gives you direction to a place of personal holiness and serenity. IF YOU WANT IT TO. The band is about expanding their own boundaries, and the music scene. It’s a challenge that they dig. It’s what makes music fun for them. It’s all about the wonderment and the imaginations pinned to the sides of trips never taken, but very much familiar through song. LUCILLE FURS drop their upcoming new album ‘Another land’ on February 15th. Look out y’all.

Paul Jacks – Lightning Lobotomy

In probably one of the best music video we love, PAUL JACKS does it with style and succulent deviance in ‘Lightning Lobotomy’. From the upcoming album ‘Defractor’, the single comes from the heart of an artist located in the city of Anchorage, Alaska (US). “I work a job that specifically allows me to work in the studio in waves,” Paul stated. “I try to do something in the studio on a daily basis even if it’s just some lyric writing.” And when he does, he makes serious work as synth friendly and accommodating as ‘Lightning Lobotomy’. Paul’s works is about his city, his life, and about his dreams. In his eyes, it is what it is, and making it the best it can be, is the call of the wild. ‘Defractor’ is PAUL JACK’s first solo album, and we think it’s got much, much to offer.

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