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slip – the thought of a past life is comforting

slip is the project of Los Angeles artist, Taylor Brown. You can feel the tinge of cynicism, mixed in liberally with the irony and tragedy within his single ‘the thought of a past life is comforting’. The veteran musician keeps his secret sauce for compelling music, hidden from sight. It’s his music, and with quiet proficiency, the results evolved into the juxtaposition you hear, here. Dangerously seductive, and never compromising, Taylor’s attitude for construction of sounds, comes with triphop, psychedelia, deep grooves, and silky smooth excitement of his unique vocals. It’s never too late to experience slip, and Taylor Brown.

Dover Lynn Fox – Westward Like the Sun

‘Westward Like The Sun’ is a quintessential promise made to escape a forever impinging predicament. A promise to the inner self that there is a bigger reward out there, if the risk is taken. But like any big leap, we’re afraid. Afraid of taking that leap into the unknown. Much like most things in this world, our aims and goals are hindered by our own inner demons. It’s not our fault. We’re built to favor comfort, even if that comfort is of forever dread, and pain. The thought of the unknown is the wall that we must climb over. DOVER LYNN FOX’s single tells it like it is. The pop effervescence is a delight, as you travel together with her. Let’s all climb that wall, and do as you know you can.

The Real Zebos – Luck

THE REAL ZEBOS was formed through correspondence through Craigslist. At least that’s how they tell it. But with the wit and whimsy of their style of pop-rock innuendos in display, we are inclined to believe such back stories. They are consumers of pop-culture, and when they see funny or fun things out there, they want to tell the story they see important. The post-punk garage-pop vibe of the band keeps you coming back. Is that a good thing? Heck yes! The band consists of Connor Brandt, Jordan Gaul, Les Rahn, Jake Strange, George Cooper.

No Aloha – Fall Away

Brette Irish and Blake Ferrin are the core of the project NO ALOHA. Friendship. High school. Bandmates. Trial and error. All helped to culminate a formula for success in this latest iteration of music from the duo. The suft-rock popppin’ glitter from the vocals and the frame work construction, makes ‘Fall Away’ a charming endeavor to encounter. Salem, Oregon originating sequence of events laid down the foundation for the fabulous songs. Sweeping at times, and pounding at time, the mix and match is a refreshing galore of handcuffs released and inhibitions explored.

Top Bunk – Calm Me Down

Lead vocalist, Petro explained: “[‘Calm Me Down’] is about that one friend you run to when some bad haircut in a leather jacket from Hinge hasn’t hit you back and you’ve just triple texted a ghost emoji with a question mark cuz you thought that made light of this desperately sad situation and now you’re on google flights trying to figure out just how far away from this hell hole of a town $300 will get you but then your friend slaps you the hell out of it. That’s what a good friend can do. Calm your ass down.” Do you feel what Petro and the gang is all about from this statement?? Heck yea you do. And simply, the pop aura is wild and fabulous. Dig the synth. Dig the vocals. Dig the colors. Dig it. You know you wanna. With Blondie like quivering antics, ‘Calm Me Down’ is a jam to spread the word.


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