Sloane Skylar ‘I Want More’ : Relationship that won’t work and a future that was already been invested.

Sloane Skylar

“‘I Want More’ is a song about how someone you love can make you feel crazy but also leave you wanting more,” said Sloane Skylar. “I wrote it about the first girl to drive me insane yet also take my breathe away – it was a super conflicting feeling but I also kind of enjoyed the chaos. ”

Sloane Skylar is a 24-year-old singer, songwriter based in Los Angeles crosses emotional ties and bridges gulfs of feelings – dynamic and fluid – that we all can relate with promenade reflections. A gentle solitude, of acceptance and realization, tackle the realities of human touches in relationships.

Contrasts and confusion. Comfort and ‘the right thing to do’, glimmers in the sun baked desert of the mind – disheartened by the fact of a relationship that won’t work and a future that was already been invested.

Something’s got to give.

Look for more from Sloane.


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