SLØTFACE Share Video For Single ‘Telepathetic’.

Jonathan Vivaas Kise


The ever popular and dynamic band, SLØTFACE, celebrated the release of single ‘Telepathetic’ with a sold out London show. Following up, they also release the track’s visuals. The collaboration with local artists for the video is an effort to bring artworks to life in their SLØTFACE vibe.

The band stated on the video: “What we really wanted to do was to gather all of our creative friends and acquaintances and create something. Not knowing specifically what we were actually going to get. The song is all about waiting for something good to happen, and we thought the idea of statically waiting as a part of the art would be a funny way to showcase that feeling of stasis. We really can’t say enough times how thankful we are to all of our friends who contributed with art and help with the video, they really made it something really fun and special.”

Of the track’s beginnings, bassist Lasse Lokøy says “it was written in approximately 2 hours, at 11 in the evening, after a full day of recording. Most of us don’t remember any of it because we were so tired”.

Vocalist Haley Shea continued: “The lyrics were something I’d been trying to fit somewhere on the record throughout the process. The song is about the feeling, usually when you’re growing up, or working a job you don’t like, or other halfway points where it just feels like everything good is happening in other places from where you are. It’s about how ineffectual it is to wait around and hope for things to happen, about how you have to make things happen, but also about the silly fear that if you dream about something it might not happen.”

SLØTFACE began to gain big traction internationally with their EP and title single ‘Sponge State’ in 2016.

Haley Shea, Lasse Lokøy, and Tor-Arne Vikingstad are SLØTFACE.


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