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Slothrust // OS NU // Kristof // Colour Tongues // Adámas

Slothrust – Peach

Leah doesn’t take crap. She won’t take your turd and make it any better. She’s not that into you anymore. And as you get with that fact of life, you gaze upon the blazing fire from Leah’s inner cauldron and you say: “What have I missed out on?” Lots. That’s the answer. SLOTHRUST’s single ‘Peach’ isn’t about peaches. And it ain’t about love and what you call ‘affection’. It’s the timely essence between ‘this and that’. It’s that gray but pastel absence of mind – for a short bit – none the less. It’s the band’s anthem, for non-anthem-sake. Lead singer/songwriter of SLOTHRUST reflected: “I need to do it less, but I want to do it more. I don’t feel frantic anymore.” Keep that coin, for what it’s worth. And as much as you’d lost not listening to SLOTHRUST, you lose more continuing this spiral path. Leah continued: “When writing a lot of this material I tried to step further outside of myself and take risks I hadn’t before. After doing that, I stepped back into the role of performer and author of the material. It’s a really liberating experience.” ‘Peach’ is off of their fourth full-length album ‘The Pact’. Thundercats, thundercats, hooooooo! That’s right. Dig it.

OS NU – Ego Ergo End

Experimental and continual, the emanating virtues of the chords, crack under the pressures of attitude and the righteous. OS NU is DIY/British/Danish electro-punk trio with an aesthetic that transverses art from the underpinnings of 70’s melodramas of love and lust. The thick mixes of sounds and textures, expertly arranged to give the hint of ‘interest’ and ‘new beginnings’ to every note and actuaries in though. Process is the frenetic rapture you feel as your mind and appendages are devoured in a trance like prayer. The insomniac rocks with the divinal bass, as the gazy vocals come around the corner of bliss and luxury, to tackle your appointments to a higher and even calling. OS NU is based in Berlin; formed in 2014 under the name of ASTRAL TIDE. The outfit consists of: Matthew Potter (vocals, bass, engineering), Mark Yeoman (guitars, vocals, synth, engineering) and Jonas Duus (drums, production, vocals). Dang.

Kristof – Bubbles

What is a visit to a clown’s bathroom worth to you. What is it worth NOT visiting it? In your dreams you’d never want to. In reality, you’d never want to. When KRISTOF, comes to play, he plays for keeps. And when a discussion about ‘visiting clowns’ comes into the foreground of conversation – he pauses. Pauses to delight. Pauses to manicure the deception. He pauses because of the impending doom you are about to undertake. ‘Bubbles’ is that summation of that nighmarish visit to a place of ‘never’, but ‘forever more’. You’ll never want to chew bubbles and never want to blow chewing gums, ever again. Chilling horror? Nope. It’s KRISTOF. And his sartorial ecstasy will come to play at your playground, very soon.

Colour Tongues – Southbound

James Challis and Dan Lavergne started COLOUR TONGUES, in 2017. With Graeme Meekison and Dave Taylor, the quartet of musical heroes combined to give gifts of indie goodness. ‘Southbound’ keeps the pedal to the metal as the delightful guitar strums keep the energy at high peak, as the strident drums roast you into a new angle of thought and premise. ‘Southbound’ is “about a friendship imploding, leaving everyone in the dust trying to rebuild,” said the band. “This song is the first single of the second generation of Colour Tongue’s music.” Frenetic, but controlled, the efforts pang into familiarity and delight as the chugging sounds temp you to keep listening at every turn. It’s on.

Adámas – Change It

The pleasure is all on us who are listening to Adámas’ single ‘Change It’. Charged with jazz and indie-folk shimmer, the single of everyday, is tantric and psyche in every way as its fangs of decadence pulsate into every crevasse of our thoughts. And during the listening your knees move like you’ve been transported to a center of merengue beats and understanding. Acceptance and awakening is the call of the day from ‘Change It’, for every minute is a new chance to change everything around, right? The power is within you. It all comes down to you. No matter how much support you have from the without. To evolve to whom you’d like to become, drill down and give it your best shot. Adámas are your biggest fans. They consist of: Evan Greer (Drums,Vocals), David Goodwin (Bass,Vocals), Alberto Lopez (Percussion,Vocals), and Stefanos Filippos Diamantopoulos (Guitars,Vocals).


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