Slow Caves ‘Walk in the Park’ : Walk in unison, towards an unbending work and of philosophy – for the benefit of our listening hearts and minds.

Slow Caves

Majestic expanse is the world in which Slow Caves present. A poetic alchemy of rhyme and supple angles, ‘Walk in the Park’ eschews malignancy of heart, then renders mutual destruction for beauty and art, to the fore. A lovely walk for love’s sake, indeed.

“‘Walk in the Park’ was written while falling in love with a close friend of mine. It was the most dreamy, summer romance. It was also during a realization of the importance of self-love and focusing on mental health. Going on walks is really beneficial to my mental health and so are open and public spaces like parks.

Slow Caves, formed in Fort Collins, Colorado. The band solidified in 2014 after a decade of high school bands came to an end. After cutting their teeth in the Denver music scene, the band garnered attention from Old Flame Records and subsequently released the EP, ‘Desert Minded’ in 2017.

Slow Caves is Jakob and Oliver Mueller, and their childhood friend David Dugan. And together, they walk in unison, towards an unbending work and of philosophy – for the benefit of our listening hearts and minds.

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Today we are excited to release a new song called “Walk in the Park.” Releasing new music or using this platform to talk about anything other than police brutality, racism, public safety, or any of the other things happening in the world right now feels trivial. All of this is to say, us releasing something new isn’t meant to distract from this movement, but to hopefully offer a song to brighten your day/summer/anything. We recorded this song with @coreyrecording of @gleemerband, back in February. He brought SO much life into the track. Thank you, KING. Also a massive thank you to @koby.jon for providing this photo of these futurist office buildings. It is perfect. And thanks to @gatsby.jpg for taking this super cool photo of us. You’re a true legend. The song is about loving thy friends and thyself. Within that journey of love is also remembering the importance doing things for your mental health like going for a walk in the park. AND the importance of shared/public spaces where things like self care and community building can happen. All in one song. Anyway, hope you like the track.

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