Slow Coda ‘Gap Year’ : The loving hook is a warm vibe and tradition of our very living souls.

Slow Coda

Reminiscing about what we’d been and what we are now, is a taking stock exercise of and for personal growth investment. Sometimes it’s not very pleasant. Sometimes, it’s just what we do as human beings, like part of the natural scene.

“This song was originally written a few years ago about taking a gap year between high school and college to be a slacker and figure things out, which is something I did, but it has taken on a whole new meaning in 2020/2021. Seems like a lot of people are now taking a gap year (both planned and unplanned) to maybe look inward or reassess what they are doing with their lives. It just feels like a relatable theme at the moment.”

Slow Coda is an alternative rock duo based out of Los Angeles consisting of Tavis Balkin and Nicholas Morford.

Like a wispy ride along a highway of our lives, the loving hook of ‘Gap Year’ is a warm vibe and tradition of our very living souls.

It’s the love you’d had. It’s the happiness you have now. And it’s the future surprises, you can’t wait to meet.

Let’s take stock. However, it may lead.


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