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Slow Nomad // Le Son // Moony Matelot // Sam Way // Red Arms

Slow Nomad – Dissipate

Dripping with psychedelia, the edges of the bold pages of this chapter in prose, exists the band SLOW NOMAD’s single ‘Dissipate’. With grand chord progressions, with an absolutely beautiful selection of notes from the guitar solo, everything just works to near perfection. And as the crooning and absolution of the brooding under currents work up the ambitions of the premise in song, the lyrics explore the mysterious nature of language and culture, vying for attention against the backdrop of reality. A failure of communication on wide open scale, ‘Dissipate’ comes alive, even when the dire solutions of the subject subjugates with a tight grip. It’s a treat. Slow Nomad is a 5 piece with alt-soul, rock with psychedelia, prog-rock, and jazz at their whim.

Le Son – Madness

This art-pop sounding, exposition of song is the beautiful work of London duo LE SON. Made up of Emily Ady and Liam Fergus, the duo have constructed a contradiction in terms with Emily’s breathy confidence in words, and Liam with piano trained architecture of gold tinted frame. The song does not inherently propose an extravagant levels of layering. It just sounds this way. And when it rings, the ‘Madness’ explodes in gentle bubbles, just as bombs explode in deathly encasements of liquid bliss, under the giant oceans. The beautiful ‘hum’ of the chorus to the decadent salvation of the instrumentals, bring up prior incantations from artist of the past, and maybe of the yet unknown future. Right now, LE SON, has the stuff that can melt your sensibilities. Their self titled EP will drop October 11th.

Moony Matelot – Fata Morgana

Off of MOONY MATELOT’s latest EP, this title track gives it all in a delicately Americana-Rock vibe. An interesting offering from an interestingly vague outfit from New York City, ‘Fata Morgana’ is a song that sits at the edge of darkness, with red lipsticks, smoking a Marboro Light, and winking at the void ahead. No signs of nervousness, or tiredness of the ‘now’. It’s only the expectations of what’s to come that keeps the excitement current. But at the moment, you listen to the song, chewing on bubble-gum, smiling at the possibilities, if there was any.

Sam Way – Little Titan

Devon born and London based, SAM WAY is as dynamic as ever. We’d first heard of him back a year ago when we’d stated: “Take a deep breath. He’s here to guide you into this part of the relationship. It’ll be worth it. The ‘dark’ needs the ‘light’, in order for new chapters to be traversed together. You. Her. The future.” We’d been captured by his beauty of song back then, and with ‘Little Titan’ (stripped down mix), he’s back with an acoustic fabulousness that is grand. An emotional turn of events, the simple and direct production is a radio friendly ballad that captures sentiments we need in life. We’d recommend you take a look see at SAM WAY.

Red Arms – Ran Away

Long rock scene pros from London Ontario Canada, the gang in RED ARMS, kick it up several notches with their single ‘Ran Away’. The anthemic post-punk/garage noise rock, endeavors with pride as the sounds of the song is reminiscent of freedom. Person freedoms. External freedom. Cultural freedom. They are encased within the clean and simple chord progressions, active and confident vocals. Their full length album ‘Critical State’ will drop finally. And with it, a ‘willful obscurity’ is to begone like the wind, as the band that formed in 2013, is now ready to really push the pedal to the metal. Accumulation of years mean evolution of sounds. With RED ARMS, their ‘Soviet era punk’ drive will evolve. But we think it still exists and we love it. See them next at This Ain’t Hollywood, October 5th in Ontario.


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