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Slow Riot Shares ‘Heaven’s Daughter’. “Band, no more. But showed the kind of flavor we all wanted.”

Slow Riot disbanded in 2018. Even though all of the signs and accolades, successful tours and heaps of fans, the band said good-bye.

But their songs live on, and through their “farewell / debut album ‘G.A.D’” we can get a glimpse and taste for what should have been a great and long relationship with their audience.

SLOW RIOT proceeded to record a full length album, completed in 2018 at Savage Sound Studios, Hastings, with longtime collaborator Kevin Vanbergen (The Pixies, The Maccabees, Dinosaur Pile-Up, The La’s and Biffy Clyro) in-between tour dates with Preoccupations, whenyoung, The Twilight Sad, Mission Of Burma, Slow Readers Club and others.

In 2019, the shelved record returns and is able to shine.

With ‘Heaven’s Daughter’, the Irish band delivers with ample punch and new-wavey vibes that just tickle the back of you anticipatory nerves, like little boys awaiting that summer’s first dunk into the proverbial pool of cool and chill goodness.

The 12-track set opens with the fan-favourite, white-hot ‘Trophy Wife’ before the melodic ‘A Lighthouse’ showcases the band’s knack for penning radio-friendly choruses.

The record label stated: “Title track ‘G.A.D’ and ‘Unkind’ delve into ethereal darkness, their subject matter informing the pervading tone of the album: hyper-anxiety, implicit and explicit violence, troubled and obsessive human relationships all set in a dystopian urban setting.”

Slow Riot was a four-piece post-punk band from Limerick, Ireland.

Maybe we’ll await to see some other forms of the band, materialize.

Here’s to hopin’



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