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Slug Father // ENEQUIST // Haune // Komanda // Reef Boii

Slug Father – Dreamin’ of U

Off of Slug Father’s new EP ‘Autumn In Brooklyn’ this mighty and tidy disco flava’ delivers with danceable excuses for your mind. Snap into that slim-jim, and you’ll want to stand at attention to the wilds of the digital goodness that ‘Dreamin’ Of U’ presents. “‘Autumn In Brooklyn’ EP is a collection of months of neglected inspiration around Brooklyn and NYC. A taste of seasonal change in Slug Father’s city the best way he knows how: disco.” Lucas is the man behind this project and announced, also: “Excited to announce I’ll be joining @zimmermusic at @boweryballroom on Dec 13th to warm up the evening with some sensual funky sounds. Bring your momma, bring your boo cause it’s gonna be a party.” Yo, bruh. Get down.

ENEQUIST – Nihilism

“Nihilism is a really important track to me. It is the final song and title track of my debut EP and it takes you on a whole trip. It is the first track that Im releasing as ENEQUIST that has a mix in / out. After the mix intro it starts with a pretty long vocal break which leads you into a different vibe by breaking away what was there, only to keep building up again, painting an ominous picture. It takes you through a lot of curves and turns before finally erupting in a floating feeling of ecstasy and freedom.” Julian Enequist impresses with his project, which coincidentally (or in lack), we’d said of his skillz: “..your eyes just won’t listen and your ears won’t see the same way again. The world, as it tumbles in misery, your own footprint – within it – survives with thriving resurrection.” Julian grew up in a small village in Friesland, where his mother taught international folk music and dance. And the Dutch/Swedish music producer and multi instrumentalist specializing and focussing on new electronic aesthetics, give us joy in his works, as he explores his boundaries through music’s multiple genres. Kudos, ENEQUIST. Kudos.

Haune – Sunset

Indicative of ceasures of the heart, ‘Sunset’ delivers with charming taunts and friendly aspirations of the heart. A prdictive apparition to an essence of purity, Haune’s single slowly passes the night sky, as the time of our lives, roll past the bus stop. The clouds among the luminating sky, gather together to give the shade of vision, a once-over. But ‘Sunset’ doesn’t let you give up – it doesn’t want you to linger in regret. A strident gasp for ‘moving forward’ the 3rd single from Haune’s upcoming album (December) delights with a gentle touch.

Komanda – Mirror Friend

Brooklyn based Komanda met at a party. Then clicked with the love of sounds, music, and then communication of feelings for the listening audience. Natural mix, and they thought so too. “This song was our first collaboration. We set up a portable studio on a Brooklyn rooftop and spent the entire hot summer day jamming and coming up with ideas,” said the duo. “‘Mirror Friend’ represents looking inward and coming to a place of nurturing oneself from the within, rather than seeking external validation.” A rhythmic ambience that keeps the cards of mystery close to the chest, clamps down on the weakness of normality. The vibe of the production, more than the substance of the song, shows a sliver of the naughty and the explanation of how it fits within the Universe of Komanda. A story that the band will continue to explain through their songs, as the collaboration goes forth.


This is a one off song from producer/rapper, Reef Boii. Reef stated that this is a dance track that “that doesn’t really fit” with his other stuff. Shareef Kpakpo Addo is Reef Boii. And the producer comes at us with a different side to his talented self, vying for more gumption of synth vibes and Cosmic extravagance. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Shareef took on the world of music at an early age. Shareef attended Berklee College of Music from 2011 and through that leaning effort, earned his first touring position, as the live bassist of the duo, Aer . From there, he has toured the world and played festivals for many different artists of different styles, ranging from playing briefly for Son Little to playing a house party with Justin Bieber. The talented artist is currently, 1/3rd of the band Cody Simpson and The Tide. We’d like to see and hear a more expansive production from Reef Boii, with deeper house and EDM shine. We think from this example, the distinct vision of Reef Boii is something that the world would dig. Rap and EDM? Hells yea.


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