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Small Forward Shares ‘Kind of Funny’. “Envelopes with flames of lust and desires.”

Los Angeles based indie-rock band goes all out and clamped onto our heartstring in their latest single ‘Kind Of Funny’. The music with the bittersweet ingratiations towards all of the things in the world that crumbled away at your sanity’s feet, enriches with an intention for the sanctimonious and ripe attribution for love’s fettered loss.

But it has been found. That love. A lost love. That gleaming promise to another, to one-self and to the atmosphere of that refreshing morning of doubts. It’s seemingly brighter, now. And as the morning dew evaporates, as your yearning for a positive, the thoughts of the night’s past, comes flooding back to your mind.

Deliciously shoegazy, with the intrepid psyche-glimmer of 70’s soft-rock, the right sensibilities come to a bight and enveloping flame of lust and desires in ‘Kind Of Funny’.

What is fragrantly delectable about SMALL FORWARD is their massive tones. The colors shine in their often demure, but powerful messages within each song. This has been apparent in their single from their beginning.

Their thoughtful lyrics and methods of presentation drives you to attention.

It sure did us.

Michael Stevenson, Rounak Maiti, Nick Waldram, and Campbell Scott have been releasing from 2014. And our question to the band is “When will we see another full EP or album?”

Guess just not soon enough.

You should dig, SMALL FORWARD.

We insist.



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