Small Hours Shares ‘Forces’. “Dig deeper…Ramp up for even more.”

‘Forces’ is the new exciting single offered from the dynamic Alex Mills and Alex Patten. Uncompromising, hypnotic, and driving, the duo makes it look easy in setting a standard in modern pop music. The uninterruptible collapse of consciousness, resists, then extends as the song increases in vigor and decadence.

Ego, stress, the everyday, the extraordinary – electronic and pop, anchored by the vocals, it ramps into a chant and invites you to join this alt-r&b deliciousness.

The duo has come to SMALL HOURS unique sound with many a years in the industry working with top acts like Tricky and Basement Jaxx (Mills) to Fine Print and Michael Kiwanuka (Patten).

2018 had been a fab year with the release of their single ‘Shoe Box’ (The Line Of Best Fit Song Of The Day), and a slew of Spotify streams.

Now, there are 3 EPs being constructed by the two Alex’s, and we deem the band to be something to a proper start to the 2019 season, as the music makes journeys to distant thoughts and vibes, incredibly euphoric.

It’s just the start for the London based artists, and we all should have them in the radar, as they but surely dig deeper into our psyches.



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