Small Million Shares ‘Sirens’. “Delicious. Soaring. Love For Today. Live.”

“Portland based indie-pop duo Small Million (Ryan Linder, Malachi Graham) deliciously and tastefully dances across the floor of dreams and mis-understood past memories of relationships gone missing and forgotten. Or were they lost? They always stood beside that thought in your head of leisure, daily distractions.”

We’d said that in a previous review.

And to be frank, we were right.

This time they come back with another buttery chill single ‘Sirens’. The Soaring melodies and the delightful vocals of Malachi still comes to the fore, with the same vigor as in August.

“I wanted to retell the traditional mythology of seductive sirens luring sailors to their death from an angle where the sirens don’t give a fuck about the men and are in love with each other.” – vocalist/lyricist Malachi Graham

Live it.

Love it.

Get inspired.

Why not you. Then who?



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