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Small Planets – Breathe

Different backgrounds collide making Small Planets a unique and fun listening experience. A little bit of sadness mixed in with hope Small Planets offers a rich melodic experience with hidden melodies throughout. Off of their 11 song album, the title single, is a breath of joy and fresh air in that you dreamed in that 90’s love affair. Based out of Los Angeles, Small Planets (made up of Jessica Hernandez, Phil Drazic, Josh Spincic, Ryan Silo, and Jeff Love, drives you bonkers with nostalgia (a la Joy Division, New Order, The Cure…), the scintillatingly charming effervescence, chiming off of vocals and shimmering guitars, bring a certain level of calm and measuredness in ‘Breathe’. See them next @ Programme Skate & Sound, Fullerton California, November 3rd.

Day Felice – Waterfalls

Swedish singer-songwriter and HBO Viking’s actor Day Felice returns with his album ‘Go On’. Felice is one of those personalities where art precedes the medium: His exposure to the public eye has been established through acting. After kick-starting his career in Sweden through an appearance in ‘Blå Ögon’ (2014), he got a role as Sigurd on HBO’s “Vikings” (2016). As a highlight of the album, the fierce chamber pop arrangement of ‘Waterfalls’ portrays repressed grief that unravels into turbulent outbreaks concerning isolation, drugs, power abuse and sexual misconduct in the film industry. Inspirational, gravity defying, inviting – ‘Waterfalls’ clarifies in a world of complexity.

Meyta – Searching for the Truth

Brett Edmiston is Meyta. Alabama born and bred, but of the world, he must, and is. His ‘Searching For The Truth’, in the best traditions of bands like Aquilo, and SOHN, the single swoons with emphatic gallantry and outfits with shimmers of light and dark, quantified in emotional penetration. Deciding to publish for the Universe, the songs that he’d been working on since his teens, the voluptuous hymns are easily delivered in the expert arrangement and Meyta’s consequentially beautiful direction in his decided musical style. Love, in loving; don’t hate, in the midst of the confusion – stories in lessons and potentials unfulfilled are majestically tole in’ Searching For The Truth’. Look for ever more from Meyta.

FREEMAN – Be The One

London based singer/songwriter, Charlie Freeman (better known as FREEMAN), covers ‘Be The One’ (Dua Lipa). Charlie stated: “When I first heard this song, I thought it was a great tune and quickly suggested it to the band as a potential cover. I say cover but what we turned out is more of a ‘version’ really – we changed it up and wanted to add some FREEMAN elements but also just allow this banging tune to steer the direction. We had a tonne of fun working on it and recording it. A groovy and cool tune, we are excited to offer our take on it.” Ahead of his sophomore album, ‘Love’, FREEMAN conjures up the delightfully sanguine levity of what could be in a relationship – with a posed question of desire and hope – to start the conversation between two adults. In 2018, FREEMAN released his debut album Truth, which was recorded live at vintage studio Eastcote using a tape and analogue set up, adding to FREEMAN’s authentically classic sound. The first five singles from Truth have all picked up BBC radio play, including a live session at BBC London and “BBC featured artist of the week.” Freeman has hit 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners this year.

Hearing Aid Beige – Making It Last

Hearing Aid Beige’s music takes some of the most distinctive elements of 60’s rock and arranges them to build an incredibly modern sound. As we drift into Autumn, the song is a dreamy nostalgia trip combining all our favourite tricks from previous releases, which are a series of related singles. The song transmits the relaxing satisfaction of a senior gentleman taking a flight and enjoying the good things in life. Simon Hampshire and Tommy Williams exudes folk excellence in this pop tinted, work of wall art that delivers the kind of sentimental vibes that you’d been awaiting. A deep sigh of recognition and acceptance is what ‘Making It Last’ is about to the hearts that look for such confirmation. A longing of the ambiguous talents of day-to-day living, coaxed in the sauce of the fairy-tale dreams that was evident when young – they co-mingle to justify a happiness that is unique and sultry, and practical. We already, or will soon, come to that ‘practical’ position of what love and expectations should be. And most of the time, we’ll take that more mature and developed road on that forked journey. ‘Making It Last’ is a beautiful song from two beautiful musical hearts.


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