Smerz – Oh My My

Backing up their 2016 introduction, it seems things are going up and up for this awesome, fun, and unique two-some from Norway.

Their song “Oh My MY” is the first new single after being signed to the record label, XL. It’s a doosey, and it’s fab.

We’ve put this single as our OOTD! recipient, for its innovation, no-fat, synth, sexiness that our ears deserve to listen to. It’s got grit, with lyrics that bobs up and down between chords, but supplement, zig-zagging with the instrumentals to ultimately create this mini-monster of a song.

Smerz (a work acrobat for the German word, Schmerz, meaning ‘pain’) brings their A-Game with Oh My MY. Their style is contiguous and noticeable from their previous year’s body of works – and they are glorious.

It’s a ear-gasmic road trip, and we recommend you get on it – just like we did.


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